The goal of The Digital Exhibition:
- presentation and promotion of innovations on sustainability with a focus on funding needs for implementation.

The exhibition provides equal rights for all.

To the attention of those who are unable to participate at the Exhibition due to the lack of finance, please take advantage of the opportunity to submit the non-confidential presentation of innovation in digital form for free-promotion at the Exhibition / for individual request, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The International Digital Exhibition of Innovations offers the possibility of a stand for the business activities, innovation presentations, etc. in the form of:

• flat screen media presentations (film, slides, etc. or digital signage)
• printed brochures
• tabletop exhibits
• display poster
• free-standing banner
• etc.,

which will be brought to the stand by the exhibitors.

Floor space rental fee: US $ 48 per 1m²/ 10.764ft²
NB minimum exhibition space area - 4m²/ 43.055ft²
Stand fee contains only the blank floor space, no walls etc.
Standard furnishings: one table & two chairs & one wastebasket - US $ 62

15% off the congress delegate registration fee is available for each exhibitor.